Houston plane spotting

Hello guys! This time I’ll be posting my pictures from Houston (KIAH) airport from the last time I spotted. Before we begin all of these pictures are shot on a phone so the quality is yeah you know what I’m going to say, they are not very good. However in some photos it’s better than others. Let’s begin!

United Airlines 767-300er from Munich, Germany 🇩🇪

Qatar Airways A350-1000 from none other than Doha, Qatar 🇶🇦

A little break from heavies, Spirit A320-200 pushing back in nice lighting

United 757-200 (Star Alliance) about to begin its taxi for departure

United Max 8 getting ready for a flight to Washington National

Well here is the biggest plane flying to IAH at the moment, the King of the Skies arriving from Dubai, Uae 🇦🇪

Air New Zealand 787-9 and the same Qatar chilling at the gate

Air Canada A220-300 from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦
Alaska about to push for Seattle, Washington

Thanks for checking this topic out, until next time.


Nice pics!


Ive been on that alaska flight and when we parked at IAH the a220 was there also

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That’s really cool, hope you enjoyed your flight


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