Houston Intercontinental and Austin Airports Close

Houston and Austin Airports Close

Currently, Houston airport has halted all inbound flights from everywhere. Austin airport closes for the day today. Feel free to read the article below tomorrow more information about the snow storm that’s hitting Texas right now. There is extremely cold temperatures and power has been lost in many places.



Yeah Houston has a lot of cancellations too right now

hope the snow and ice storm can go away.

At least there arent fires again…

DFW has planes landing right now…?

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Yea, DFW never shut down. Flights continued to depart.

DFW did hold all flights at their origin for about an hour, but that’s already passed.

Not a surprise as many of us in Austin have been without power for over 12 hours now 😂 I’m freezing! We got 6 inches of snow 😳

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While DFW isn’t closed, Houston-Intercontinental on the other hand is closed for the next 23 hours.

Haha so much for “don’t mess with Texas”

Just took a few inches of snow to shut them down


6 inches and you lost power? Texas really isn’t prepared for this, but it isn’t their fault.

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No dip Sherlock. The weather is wack right now.


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