Houston (IAH) Planespotting

So I have traveled this weekend to Houston! Houston is so fun and has so much great things to do! So I had to go to IAH and spot there. So today I drove to the airport and spotted! Hope you enjoy these, I sacrificed myself in the 95 degree weather in texas to do this.

First off we stopped at the end of the runway of 15L and 15R called Rankin Rd and here we have the 737-800 united star alliance livery departing

Then next we have the regular and very common airline to see in the US, 737-700 southwest departing after

Then another united 737-800 aircraft but in the evo blue livery departing

Then we went to another location right in front of runway 26L and watched some arrive. We have this united E-175LR coming in from detroit.

Then we caught a glimse of the national cargo 747-400F! We saw it land but didn’t get a picture of it but we did see it taxi close to us. He came from Birmingham.

Then right after the 747 came in the KLM 787-9 zooming in from the Netherlands 🇳🇱.

After that we saw a prime air 767F parked and unloading cargo after landing like 20 minutes before we got there.

Again now we have another common sight to see here, a ERJ-145 arriving from Huntsville.

Then we have a not common sight to see at houston is american airlines, this A320 was coming in from Phoenix. As you can see, a new spot but on the same runway at 26L After this was an A220! But sadly didn’t get ready enough to get a good shot of it.

Aaaand now the grand finale! The queen of the skies has shown up making it the 4th heavy spotted today! And flew right above our heads! This big 747-8 was coming in from Frankfurt on a long 9 hour flight.

Well thats it! Hope you enjoyed, I have a lot of other pictures of the terminals, entrance, tower and other aircraft but I picked out the best to show you guys here in the 10 picture maximum. See you next time!

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3400


@LETHAL here is the topic you wanted to see!

I wanted to show you guys the entrance, here it is

And also the tower!


I also wanted to share another shot of KLM here


Thank you!


Yes of course! You told me to put you in the comments.🤗

Yep and I love the star alliance 737 that was my favorite

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Yes, thanks! That is one of my favorites as well!

Amazing pics! I love the 787

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Thank you! Yes the KLM is very nice

Did you see the GRR flight? Although nice pictures, can’t wait to see you grow as a spotter!

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Thank you for those kind words! And what is a GRR flight?

Do you mean the grand rapids flight?

Yeah, that’s what I mean

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Ok, yes I did see it but it landed 5 minutes before I got to the airport. Sorry I couldn’t get a picture of it I definitely have to keep an eye out for it next time

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That comment is unnecessary my guy

I’m sorry lol you’d probably make a similar comment about OKC 😂

Its ok guys both airports are pretty good and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Lets keep it nice in here

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Sorry lol was just giving a friend a hard time

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