Houston IAH Night Spotting Showcase

Love the second one!

Try to find the A350 from Manchester

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback!

A cannon REBEL T5 with 75-300mm lens

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I’m going this weekend to get a shot!

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Thank you for your kind words!

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Haha nice dude! Maybe we can spot!

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Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you so much, bobby!!

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Correct. Thanks for telling him for me :)

They are such beautiful photos! You obviously have excellent spotting skills.

Thank you kind sir! I really appreciate your feedback!

Woah! Looks beautiful, like something seen on jetphotos!

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Yep, loving my hometown airport! Great shots! All those UAL 787s there…

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Yup! We sure do receive many 787s! BA is sending their 789 and Singapore is sending their A359!

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Your pictures are the best I’ve ever seen on this community! Great work!


They are? Exciting…whenever I fly out of IAH, I always show up early enough to walk around, especially if the LH A380 is there.

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Yes they are. We get about 12 Dreamliners a day from UA. More on the weekends. They BA and SA come around 5ish

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