Houston IAH Night Spotting Showcase

These are all images taken by me. Please feel free to use them but not for commercial use. You can follow my instagram: www.instagram.com/jrraviation if you would like to see more.


These are amazing pictures what area of the airport are you spotting from and what camera are you using @JRRaviation

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Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed them!

Nice, do you have any other angles of the Turkish Airlines 77W?

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I love the United dreamliner and the Turkish superman hybrid.

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These are some great long exposures! 👏

My only tip would be to adjust your shutter speed a bit so the beacon lights, taxi lights, and other lights are not so large (?) if that was the right word to use. Speed it up. Take the Turskish Airlines one for example, lights are much more noticeable on this photo than the Air New Zeland photo. This is probably because you used a slower shutter speed. Adjusting it would result in a more underexposed photo but you can easily edit that in Photoshop or any simple photo editor.

But sweet shots. I’ve always wanted to try long exposures like these but the aprons at my GA airport are not bright enough and I’m to lazy to head down to my international airport and stand on top of a parking garage for an hour 😬

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Sadly, I don’t. Sometimes that stop so you can see the behind of the plane.

Thank you for your feedback. I will definitely take your recommendation. I do edit my photos but I put the raw ones on here. My edited photos go on my instagram: www.instagram.com/jrraviation

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Me too! I think Boeing makes the sexist planes. (Sorry airbus)

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I like Boeing more as well…I mean I’m from the US so if course I’ll be slightly biased :P

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I love the United 787😍


Me too, Houston Texas Baby!


Beauty ain’t she? Flexy as per usual.

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Ayee, you’re on here now! What’s happened to AU?

Wow these are great shots!

Nice photos! Are you on the top level of the parking garage?

My uncle is from Houston lol

I just don’t think no one was interested. It became inactive.

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Haha nice dude! Does he still live here?

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Yes Sir, these were taken on top of the D and C garages.