Houston Hobby

Now that Hobby has buildings what are some Southwest Routes I can do to other 3D airports

Hey mate,

I strongly recommend using a website that I use called flightsfrom.com

You can also use other websites such as Flightradar24.

A quick google search, I’m sure will give you plenty of routes.

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Southwest 737 800

Canyon blue


When I fly, because of all this COVID nonsense, I use www.flightera.net/en/airline/en for example or www.flightconnections.com/

You can filter the airlines on both for example. Pretty good websites, especially for free!

Hope I’ve helped!

Where is CMH

Hi! I use a great website for finding flights called Flightconnections to find my routes. It shows you a lot of information worldwide on where you can fly, I’d suggest you’d try.