Houston Hobby Summer Getaway fly out !STARTING NOW! SPAWN IN!

Let’s fill up Houston also there are private jet areas that can also be requested

Event bump let’s get some more sign ups please

Everyone after looking at atc list they will be at willliam p hobby July 11 so should I change it or is someone volunteer for the days

Event bump let’s fill this place up

Let’s get more sign up please

Anyone guys please??!

I’ll take this

Thanks @deltaoutofdca soo kich

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Remember with the event bumps to only do it every 5 to 10 days. Not every day

Can you put me down?

I will later I’m busy rn

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@deltaoutofdca yout down

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can I get one to Austin?

Yes you can

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Update as this event comes up I have also added charter and private jet routes too please keep in mind some are going to be big planes and some small also we do have 1 Air Force one and maybe some military you will be first for departure and taxi clearance before anyone else

As in VC-25? Or any Aircraft…

No it’s the 757 but if you want to fly in as the vc25a you can

I will sign up for my flight to Austin

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Sounds good

Let’s get more sign ups