Houston Hobby Summer Getaway fly out !STARTING NOW! SPAWN IN!

Welcome to Texas!! Texas is one of the largest states in the U.S. Texas has many airports that get travelers to and from destinations. The one airport the I feel like is neglected a lot is Houston hobby. The airport is one of the most important airports for many reasons. 1 it’s the hub for Southwest Airlines and it also servers as a major connection point for many flights each day. Help me make this event one to remember. With airlines such as southwest being the main operator delta, American, spirit, let’s come together and show what this airport is really made of join me July 16 for this amazing fly out. Hope to see you all there!!


Concourse A

A1 Southwest 737-800 San Antonio
A2. Southwest. 737-800. Dallas love
A3. Southwest. 737-700. Harry Reid
A4. Southwest. 737-700. Austin @Kyle_stout
A5. Southwest 737-700. Los Angeles @Skismd
A6. Southwest. 737-800. San Diego

Concourse B

B20. Southwest 737-800. Fort Lauderdale
B21. Southwest. 737-700. Sarasota @deltaoutofdca
B22. Southwest. 737-800. Kansas City @Muhammedj14
B23. Southwest. 737-700. Portland Maine
B24. Southwest. 737-700 Austin @Elijah_Colliers
B25. Southwest 737-700. El Paso
B26 Southwest. 737-800. Phoenix
B27. Southwest. 737-800. Atlanta
B28. Delta. 717-200. Jacksonville
B29. Delta. A320-200. Atlanta
B30. Delta. A321-200. Minnesota
B31. Delta. E175. Miami

Concourse C

C40. American. 737-800. Dallas Fort Worth
C41. American. E175. Dallas Fort Worth
C42. American (charter Houston rockets) 757 New Orleans @CedricFlys
C43. Southwest. 737-700. New Orleans @FunnyDrivr
C44. Southwest. 737-800. Pensacola
C45. Southwest. 737-700. Sacramento
C46. Southwest. 737-800. Oklahoma City @whyevenbothernaming
C47. Southwest. 737-700. San Jose
C48. Frontier. A321-200. Fort Lauderdale
C49. Frontier. A320-200. Orlando @Tharealjaay
C50. Frontier. A320-200. Louisville

Charter/private Airlines

SFS ramp 1 net jets c350 to LAX
SFS ramp 2 Netjets C350 to Bar harbor
SFS ramp 3 Netjets C350 to Atlanta
SFS ramp 4 Netjets C350 to Rockland
SFS ramp 5 Netjets C350 to North Wilkes
Remote stand 5 B777-200ER charter for Houston Texans to Cleveland
Air Force 1 to joint base Andrew’s B757 remote stand 1
E175 private to Burbank textron aviation service apron

ATC Sign Up

ATC Sign Ups


  • listen to ATC at all times

*IF no ATC use Unicom

*Not responsible for ANY Voilations

start=“2024-07-16 12:00” status=“public” name=“Houston Hobby Summer Flyout” timezone=“America/Chicago” end=“2024-07-16 16:30” allowedGroups=“trust_level_0”]


Have to add the “create event” thing again also it starts at 12am so i might not be able to go

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What if it started at 1

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1pm maybe.

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Can I take this as an 757?

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Yes you can you will get a special departure Taxi and takeoff clearance

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Thank you!

Ill take it to my home city kansas city!

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Out of curiosity, do you note that to ATC?

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This, but to Tampa.

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New to this… I would like to fly this route, do I need to do anything more to claim it?

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Yes I will whoever is atc

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No you will get the gate and more info the day of the event

Everyone I’m busy rn I’ll get you all down in a little while tho please keep sending gate request

Sorry I’ll be on vacation so I can’t attend

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The event is at 12am?!

No 12pm afternoon

This please

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You’ll need to change the time then. It says 12am

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Let’s get some more sign ups