Houston Air - Another New U.S. Airline Set To Launch Before The End Of 2020

Former United CFO, Andrew Levy, has secured funding for a new start-up airline.

Not much is currently known about Andrew Levy’s new start-up airline, but there are a few details.

  • They have confirmed they have raised $125 million dollars in funding to launch the airline.
  • The company is currently operating as “Houston Air Holdings Inc.” which will be based in Houston, Texas.
  • Their network model will target secondary airports and midsize/large markets.
  • The airline will utilize a fleet of Boeing 737-800s configured with 189 seats for passenger service set to launch later in 2020.

Andrew Levy co-founded Allegiant Travel Co. and purchased XTRA Airways. As a result, this “Houston Air” will be built similarly to Allegiant. Levy is a former United CFO who left the airline in May 2018.


Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-02-12/former-united-cfo-raises-125-million-for-startup-u-s-airline
United 737: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/1189275/n37267-united-airlines-boeing-737-800/

Honestly, targeting Houston as a base sounds pretty smart. United has really been neglecting their hub lately and will likely be forced to counterattack. Good luck to the airline. With Breeze Airways also set to launch this year, let’s see who launches first…


Another new airline, great to hear. I hope they’re successful!

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Maybe there is a chance they could choose to fly to GJT? My current bet is on Breeze Air to launch flights to gjt based off their business model of flying to smaller, undeserved airports.

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It’s always possible. There’s no direct Houston to GJT flight just yet. Though, is there enough demand to fill a 189 seat 737 profitably?

Adding onto this, Ryanair’s 737-800s also have 189 seats, meaning America may have it’s own Ryanair.

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In theory yes. If you look at American’s GJT-DFW flight. Yes it is operated with the E175LR and CRJ-700 but it is flown 3 or 4+ times daily Let’s assume its 4 times. AAL has their E175s equipped with 76 seats and the CRJ7 with 65 seats. If we assume each plane flies the route twice a day (total of 4 flights) we get an equasion of 65+65+76+76 which equates to 282 seats daily. . If this new airline were to do once or twice daily they could probably fill it.
We could also look at Allegiant’s GJT-AZA or GJT-LAS flight. It operates 3 times weekly with the A319/A320.
Finally we could look at probably the worst example, United’s GJT-ORD flight. This operates once weekly with the E175LR from June-September.


Is it just me or does this remind me of Ryanair? Good luck to the airlines, hopefully this will work out, same goes for upcoming Breeze.

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Good luck to them…
Buying a semi-shoddy charter carrier with the goal of turning it around into a specialized carrier serving a niche or underserved market has always been a great business plan… just look at the dumpster fire that is this decades iteration of Eastern… but in all seriousness, I don’t know how I feel about them picking Houston, with a UA fortress at Bush, and a huge WN base at hobby.
Also with the planned launch right around the time of Breeze’s launch, we might find ourselves in a situation similar to Europe of having far too many specialized carriers picking up the scraps.
The one route that I could see possibly working out is becoming a Sun Country-esque airline, running mainly sub daily flights out of primary airports to sun destinations that the majors won’t bother with, and Apple Vacations charters.
But even that void could much more easily be filled with a carrier like Miami Air picking up a few more 737s.
Houston doesn’t have all that many city pairs missing that could support even a sub daily 189 seater.
Let’s see how this pans out

Houston Air - nicknamed The American Ryanair…


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Nice to see another airline coming to the aviation industry! Hopefully this airline considers SJC as one of its destinations

HA Could use an A220 but I’m biased 🤷‍♂️

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As I mentioned earlier with my American Airlines math problem, if Houston Air operated a once a day flight or even say 4 times a week to GJT they could probably fill it.

Hopefully they’ll be more profitable by not having to do gear maintenance after every flight


I feel like Houston air as a name is the equivalent of when I’m turning in an English essay, and I realize it still says “title” at the top, so I write something super generic like “my analysis of Romeo, and Juliet”


You see American is filling those flights with connections, something Houston Air won’t be doing

Lets see what this one can do. Two new airlines Breeze Air and now Houston Air, this is good for the airline world!


Sorry for the all caps just like my airports

No problem. I wouldn’t be so passionate about GJT getting actual flights if I didn’t like the airport.

Hopefully with better landings lol

In passionate about it cuz it’s my home city which is Houston

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