Hours randomly deleted

I am a frequent player and have about 3,000hrs in my logbook. Yesterday, I went for a quick flight in the ERJ-175. During my flight I niticed some issues with rendering and decided to stop my flight and quit Infinite Flight and relaunch the app. After relaunching the app, all of my hours got erased. Now my logbook is back to “0.0hrs.” This has happened to me once before. I had to erase my device and restore it to get everything back. I use my IPad Pro 12.9’. Has anybody had this problem before and have any ideas on how to fix it?

Don’t panic buddy this is a common bug ,
Try restarting/restoring your iPad by holding the lock and home button together until it switches off.

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Thanks. I’ll give it a try. I also sent an email to the FDS team and am waiting for a reply. As I mentioned before, I a, a very frequent player of Infinite flight and am wondering how I can get involved to be a moderator and other things like that. Do you have any tips on how to get more involved?

moderators are chosen by the developers…maybe develope something really helpfull etc.
you can be a regular tho

What is a regular?

No need to worry. This will not affect your Live hours. In fact, this happens after a certain period of time to make sure the Logbook does not become cluttered. Usually Log book entries remain for around 3 months or when a certain amount of flights are performed.

it´s like a status in this community that gives you certain advantages
look a this:

Veered off topic a bit. Also already have a support ticket in progress.

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