Hours not showing

Flying on the casual server for over 5 hours. Got the XP but the hours aren’t showing up. Trying to get back to the training server. Anybody know why.?

Sometimes it takes a while for the hours to update. But what do they have to do with getting back to training? You meet all of the requirements except your violations.

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A simple glance at the numbers will indicate that you have 6 violations in one day. 1 more violation than the threshold limit for a grade 2.

The goal in Infinite Flight is to not get violations. Make sure you’re paying close attention, and dedicating your time to fly on Infinite Flight with few distractions during critical phases of flight. (Anything other than cruise)


I was grade 3 until I made a bunch of overspeed violations during a windy takeoff. I just can’t figure out how long until the violations clear. I also thought I needed at least 1 hour of flying to get back. Am I wrong. I haven’t been flying for over a year. Just got back and I’m trying to figure out all the new rules.


7 Days

New Rules:

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Again, all of the answers to your questions are in the screenshot you shared. 🙂

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Thank You! I appreciate your time! IF has really changed since I got sick and had to take some time off. It’s awesome though!!