Hours Not Given For Flight

I just completed an Hour 8 flight and when I completed the flight, I wasn’t given the hours for it. When I pressed the complete flight button, It told me how many hours I was flying for, but the flying hours on my account hadn’t actually changed. (This bothers me…)

Has this happened to anybody else, if so is there’s a solution, or a way to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

I’ve had time loading delays before.
Once, it took 2 1/2 hours for one of my flight times to appear with my overall time.
Just give it time, restart your device and the app.
All the best

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Thanks, okay will do!

Hmm I never keep eyes on my hours only thing I care is the XP ;). Nice to know it takes time to update.

Annoyingly, my XP hasn’t updated either, hopefully its just a delay…

Oh, after you finish the flight, didn’t you see the XP collected in the end of the flight report?

It told me how much XP I received for the flight, same as hours, but when I clicked off that screen it just read the same as before I started. It might be some sort of bug, but I haven’t heard about it happening to anyone else…

That’s strange, I think it never happened to me, maybe I don’t have sharpe eyes. I’ll keep my eyes open to see if it takes long.

I’ve never really noticed it before either, but then again I never remember how many hours/XP I’ve had before and after a flight. I’ll have to see if it happens again

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Restart the app?

Try to log out of your live account and then log back in