Hours from a VA to another VA

Hi. i was wondering if any airlines are offering hours lesser than 10 to be pushed forward from an old VA to a new VA. I’m just a little curious.


That depends on the VA sorry. However, from my experience it does not very often happen unless your initial VA is partnered with the new VA. Also this belongs in #live:VA


Yea i meant it in #live lol sorry for not mentioning


Depends on the VA. in Qantas hours can be transferred ( up to a max of 100, but we will ask your previous VA to confirm) However transferred hours don’t count for your seniority at Qantas Virtual, that is only gained by flying our routes.

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For the ICG you only need 5 hours flight time to be able to move up than it’s 10 hours flight time for the remaining airplanes

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