Hours flown & landings On beta was not counted

all i got is this.Maybe it is that my PRO sub ends tonight?

In that picture your IFC account isn’t connected.

That 's what i m telling.I click connect then it gets me to authorize page to click again.After that the game restarts showing the same as i sent .

So this isn’t the same as the original issue posted?

Is the issue that you just can’t connect your IFC account?

Yes alongside with stats and hours not counted off course.[edit] @AdamCallow and dear pilots i just fixed the issue. Maybe this will work for all androids.1)Sign out of IF community in game 2)Force stop the application manually
3)Turn off or reboot the device
4)Start again IF click connect to IFC account and do a short flight.
5)Enjoy stats and hours fixed with your account linked.
Hope this helps.

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Your account looks like it is correctly linked on our end. Can you try restarting the app again now and letting me know if it’s still an issue?


All good here! Time to fly! ✈️✈️✈️!

Thank you @AdamCallow it worked.