Hours flown & landings On beta was not counted

Hi, I have done a lot of landings and flight hours during the beta, and now after I have updated to 20.2, I’m back to grade 1, with 0 landings and 0 flight hours In The past 90 days.

I spent so much time during the beta collecting flight hours and landings to reach grade 3, and then it all disappears just like that? 🧐


Hello mate,

We had some server issues that we experienced that effected account statistics. Please try doing a short flight (a few minutes long) and let us know how that goes.



Hi 👋

Thank you for your quick response! Sure I’ll try that after my online class in a few hours, and will let you know. Thanks! 😊

No worries. Hope this resolves the issue for you.


Hello there. The short flight works and the account stats returned. But when you click connect to community account it resets again. 😐😐


Is your account currently connected to your IFC account?
And have you tried doing an other flight since you connected?

@IFflyer You’re issue should now be resolved, and you should be back up to grade 3.

Unfortunately I’m having the same issue, every time I start IF my ops return to 0, already did the short flight but when I closed and opened again the app it returned to 0 ops

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@AdamCallow my callsign is Aegean 777, i did the couple of minutes flight, the stats came back to normal. But upper right (username and callsign) still shows grade 2 and when trying to connect to community it resets to wrong stats. Maybe you would want me to take some screenshots to help you understand 😥

@Aegean_Hawk are you connected to the community right now? I’m assuming you want to be connected to it right?

@WingContact can you restart the app and try now please?

Okay, it is back rn, thank you for your attention.

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@AdamCallow in-game it appears like it is not connected and the click button says “connect”.Lets say i did the couple of minutes flight and stats recovered to normal it still says “connect”. Then i click it and pass through authorize page it resets again. Same happens when i close and restart the app or uninstall/install.

Ok, and just to be clear here, you are wanting IF connected with the IFC?

(And for your stats to be correct)

Sure this😃😃

Ok, can you connect your account for me right now?

Done and got authorized

Hi @AdamCallow I am facing the same problem as well so if I do a short flight from ksfo to klax will my stats return to my current levels

Try doing a short flight, if that doesn’t work then get back to me. The flight only needs to be a few minute long

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@Aegean_Hawk I’m having trouble finding your account, can you send a picture of your account setting screen?