Hour Long Route

Is there any route you can fly from one airport to another for an hour? I know you can circle around, but is there an actual route from one airport to another, where you can fly an hour?

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I don’t know but I do know it took me a while to fly Burbank to San Diego.

I think that also depends on how fast you go/ what plane you use. Anyway, the Hawaii region offers long distances.


PHNL-PHTO is a good long route! I like to island hop with a Cessna and it takes a good hour and a half!

It takes me 2 hours in a Jet. :/

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yeah, PHNL AND PHTO, take a Cessna and It’ll be pretty long

I use a 777-300ER. Flight time is about 35mins

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You can make any flight an hour long really, also try flying in the Chicago region since its the biggest.

LAX-SAN 12,000ft @230kts =about 30 minutes
SEA-PDX 14,000ft @235kts =about 30 minutes
HTO-HNL 15,000-20,000ft @250kts =anywhere 45-65 minutes (depends on approach and departure route)
Just some of the ones I fly frequently!

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Can’t forget PTP to SXM ;)

Do a loop of the Socal region. Take off at NUC and fly the periphery of the region and land back at NUC

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WSSS-WMKK. It took me 50 minutes.