Hou fly out

I am going to try and make a fly out of Houston - hobby airport-KHOU. It will be at 11:am pls say your airline and I will asighn the gate there’s room for 50 us cariers only,

Delta 1 gate
Jet blue 1 gate
Southwest 46 gates
American 2 gates

Pls say your airline, type of plane your flying, where your flying, and what airline there’s not a lot of room!! Hurry

Hi there. We have two types of flights on the community.

A #live:groupflights is a flight within the next three hours that is more of a “hey, come fly with me”. Gates are not assigned. All trust levels can post here.

An #live:events is more structured in which gates can be assigned and often take place a while in the future. To post in #live:events you need to be Trust Level 2 (member) which currently you are a basic user.

You may want to try to post in #live:groupflights as long as you adhere to the rules in the information thread for the category.

Good luck on your flight.

Please PM me if you have any questions.