[HotIFC] History of the IFC: Guess the Airline and Aircraft

History of the IFC: Guess the Airline and Aircraft

Who knew it would take me almost an entire year to create another one of these topics? I mean, I guess I did but still. I have oncemore returned to traumatize Marc with some more random history of the IFC. Anyways, as you know the IFC has a rich history of absolute greatness and strangeness. I am here to retell it to you in an easy to digest format. So without further to do, let’s get into the history of Guess the Airline and Aircraft.

Section One: From the Window

There are many different topics that range across the IFC, some good, some bad. Let me tell you, as someone who has posted everything, there is a lot. It was in March of 2018 that user @Northwest hatched an idea. Games were not usually tolerated on the IFC, and still aren’t. However, this was a bit different. Why not try and test the knowledge of fellow aviation geeks on the IFC. What would be the easiest way to do this? The answer was quite simple, post a picture of a plane, leaving most of it ambiguous, and let them guess the aircraft and airline it belonged to. The idea was foolproof, so a bit of formatting later and click. The topic was posted.

Little did @Northwest know, but his topic would soon become one of the most popular on the IFC.

Section Two: Guessing to Success

It was a few minutes later that the topic truly began to blow up. In just a few short minutes, the masses had guessed his own aircraft, that being a Delta CRJ-700. Many others soon began to join in, posting their own pictures for others to guess. Some were easy, others were much harder. It had become one of the most rapid growing topics on the entire IFC for the time, with others returning multiple times to continue guessing or even post their own topics. The rules were quite easy, the first person posts a heavily cropped picture of an airplane. The others then have to guess the type of plane, and what airline it belonged to. The person who guessed both first then got to post their own picture, repeat this over and over again and you have an engaging topic for others to play.

Guess the Airline and Aircraft also gave way to multiple derivatives, including Cabin Edition. This was where people guessed the airline and aircraft via the cabin of the plane, as well as an IF version where those used simulator shots in order to guess. The concept was rather simple, and could be fit to other methods of picture. There was a lot of flexibility with this one, and it seemed the IFC was having a fun time. A month or so later, and the original topic had been closed due to having more comments than Discorce could handle. These topics then began opening and closing due to capacity over Eight times. It had truly blown up to massive proportions.

Section Three: Reception

The reception to the topic series was greatly received. Many people loved the simpleness of the game, and that anyone could play it. It was a very popular topic series during its time, and had a lot of active users in it. Even the mods chimed in to play from time to time, and more and more people flocked to the topic to play it.

Guess the Airline and Aircraft also gave way to some memes on the IFC. It was an origin place for the Oatmeal Meme. There were also viral posts that came from it, such as @schyllberg’s A380 Post (Refer to Part 6 for that one). Other than that, it remained as a popular topic on the forum.

Section Four: Downfall

The downfall of the topic was a matter of great debate among the mods. As this had been a topic rich in the IFC, and was very popular to boot. Many loved this topic, however, with recent changes to forum policy it was time to make a tough decision. Ultimately, @Marc came in to deliver the bad news.

"Hi everyone!

After a long and thorough discussion in the moderator team we now decided that the automatic closure of Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Part 7] last week will mark the end of all public “Guess the…” topics here on the IFC." -@Marc

The response was expected, as many community members were annoyed with this happening. Afterwards, they began to forum community PMs in order to continue the game on. These still somewhat go today, with very active members who enjoy doing them. On top of that, the event was brought back with some of the monthly games put on by the regulars. It still, however, is a shell of it’s former self.

Perhaps one day, Guess the Airline and Aircraft will return. I still think fondly of the game, and I still miss it to this day. I met a lot of cool people on those topics, some of whom I know in real life now. Other than that, it remains mostly underground now, resurrected from time to time. As time passes, many are starting to forget this once common topic, and new users continue to join. Perhaps there will be a day we will get to see this once great topic again, however, for now all we can do is hope.

my_tombstone (1)

Well then, another History of the IFC has been completed. I know it took over a year to get this one done but I’m really proud of it. I hope you guys enjoy it, as it is less of a meme topic this time. As always, tell me what you think in the comments. Or speak into the cabbage that magically reads these topics to you. Vote what you think of this topic below.

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Who knew a week could turn into almost a year. O_o

Good days…


I do think I bullied @Marc a bit in the thread.

One of the best games in the IFC. Great post!

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Thanks! I appreciate it!

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Damn, this is super informative, I feel enriched.

Honestly I don’t know why they teach kids about that Henry 8th dude, this should be on the curriculum instead!


Who is Naepoleon anyway? Was he some Spaniard!

Nice and very informative post Matheus

Also nice profile picture

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Our table, it’s broken!

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We had to sedate him. It wasn’t pleasant.


I wonder how much Xanax they have him on now.

Don’t worry, I’m used to worse. I’ve been working with @JoshFly8 for over a year now.

Nice topic by the way! 😊

Also, the Josh comment is a joke; he’s great


Oh man, those were the days. I remember playing around with members here like @NeperQiell and @Hinata in 2018 and 2019. Even during the pandemic, when the real world had seemingly shut down, the IFC was as active as it could ever be. I made plenty of friends in the topics, and we would try and outdo each other with our pictures. Occasionally while browsing my photo gallery I’ll come across some weird cropped images of planes like these. They serve a reminders of a time long past.

The photos because they’re huge

Guess the Airline and Aircraft was arguably the main reason I was active in this community. During my first months on the IFC these topics made me used to the community. When the topic was closed by the mods (literally 1984) I stopped being active on a daily basis, although I still do check in every few days. The reasoning was understandable, but it still hurts that they got rid of it.


They should make a seperate category in the IFC Awards for most savage user on the forum. @Thunderbolt I’m just saying…

Guess the Airline and Aircraft was my stomping ground. And part 5 was the best thread on the entire IFC.

Fun times…

Air Algiere Jetstar vibes,

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Really cool topic! I wasn’t here for most of it, but I enjoyed learning about the history! :)

Hey everyone, bumping this topic because I want your vote on what topic I should cover next on History of the IFC.

Here are some of the concepts I have.

  • April Fools
  • Rickrolling
  • Drawing Topics
  • @Robertine (and their schnanigans)
  • Other (PM me it or comment below!)

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I started the Rickroll Army, we got like 30+ people to have Rick Astley as their profile photo, in total we had over 100 clicks on rickroll links, we went through two PM series’s, we nearly started an uprising, someone got suspended, and all the staff hated it.

It’s clearly the most influential thing on the IFC.

Sorry for the late reply lol.

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That’s true, the only thing I could think of greater than rickrolling would be the oatmeal thing with @AndrewWu but I already made a history of the IFC on it (which got taken down and which I still need to demand the mods to take up (hey @DeerCrusher, @Marc or @JoshFly8 if you’re reading this, can you open the topic for my oatmeal history of the ifc again))

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