[HotIFC] History of the IFC: Andrew and his Oatmeal

History of the IFC: Andrew and his Oatmeal


Hello everyone, many of you may or may not know me. However, my name is Mattheus. I have now since deemed myself the IFC historian and have decided to start a new series. This series will be called History of the IFC and will be going over some of the major history and culture of the Infinite Flight Community. This can include memes, posts, threads, and generalized culture across the IFC. I hope you all can join me in this quest to uproot some of the histories of our little corner of the internet.

Section One: What the Heck is Oatmeal?

The Oatmeal Meme is an active meme across the IFC. This meme is quite simple, make a reference to, or question what is oatmeal. That was it, and it spread like wildfire. From people posting images to wild photoshops to even my comments to getting Andrew his oatmeal, this meme has taken many forums. It always seems to draw @AndrewWu’s Attention. Some even have taken it to the extreme, devoting their Profile Pictures and bios to the grainy substance. It has since spread out to every corner. Now, you can find the oatmeal meme everywhere. Even a few of the mods have since gotten in on the trend.

Oatmeal has truly gone global, at least on the IFC.

Section Two: Oatmeal Rises

It started with a post. A single post on the topic known as “For whom are you thankful for in 2020.” In response to a comment by IFC user @Suhas, IFC user @AndrewWu made his first reference to Oatmeal, as noted above. He questioned what oatmeal was, and preached it to the masses. That received seven likes. The meme would begin blowing up on Andrew’s First 2021 Spotting Competition. Then, it took off. Everyone started posting about oatmeal, some with pictures, and some with words. It went crazy.

Now people are making intricut photoshops, such as these.

Posting photos such as these.

And even making memes from the memes.

Oatmeal has truly risen to a new high, thanks to some notable figures in the movement. These include @Butter_Boi, @Mattheus, and @Guxk. The movement has festered into a home-grown revolution for the article eaten in the early hours of the AM. Even spotting competitions have been named after it. It has truly spread throughout the IFC and has engraved itself in our jokes and memes.

Section Three: Reception

The oatmeal meme has truly engraved itself into our jokes and culture in the IFC. I know it is not entirely aviation-based, but frankly, who the hell cares? We now must dive into how it was received.

And my, it was received well. Everyone quickly got onto the trend, and it continued spreading. While some people, such as most of the moderation staff, were not huge fans, many loved the meme and its potential. It has since been spun off of and played on more times than can be counted, but it always remains close to home with @AndrewWu. From how it was spun off from, to how it was remixed, to even how it is used, this meme has it all. It’s quite interesting how a bowl of oats with water can be turned into a burgeoning meme, and engrave itself into our culture the way it has.

Section Four: Where are we now?

We now stand on a new area of this meme. From being started a little more than two months ago, to becoming cursed as all living hell. The oatmeal meme has truly evolved into something beyond our comprehension. It has enriched the IFC, and given us a good laugh while doing so. It truly is interesting to find how much this meme has flourished and evolved.

And who knows, maybe it will continue to flourish for a future time to come. And that, is the history of Andrew and his Oatmeal. I hope to dig up another venture with you soon.

And so there it is! My first History of the IFC thread! I hope to make more of these (presuming the mods are fine with it). However, I need your help to do it. PM me which topic you want me to cover next! Until then, I wish you all a very nice day!

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Edit 2: God this blew up. Thank you everyone for your support. We will be doing Guess the Airline and Aircraft’s History next! I’m glad that most of you liked it.

And I had a feeling that @Altaria55 and @Kirito_77 want me to burn for it.

Edit 3: The next edition of HotIFC will be out by tomorrow or some time with weekend! Thank you for partaking in our little experiment!


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Well, its an experimental thread. I am going to be finetuning it, presuming I make another.

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You crack me up every time I see you, keep doing what you are doing because this is what the world needs right now!

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