Hotfix update is out!

The changes are there, but they’re to fix crashes and other annoyances :)


When ever there are some W/Ps, airports added, you’ll get Nav data base, update. If not, there is no change to navigation, so it won’t show the “updating navigation database message” this is a hotfix to fix crashes

what worked for me was if you reduce the amount of aircraft that are shown.

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Really? Right now? I just took off from EHAM for a longhaul to TNCC…

Ahhh I see thank you so much.

I seee understood thank you for the advice.

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Yes, it probably will

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It worked, Thank You
Also, RIP replays :( lol


Whilst the update has some improvements, for lag issues, it’s generally because your settings are too high for your device. Make sure you turn anti-aliasing OFF and limit frame rate ON, and if you’re flying online, turn aircraft count down to a lower setting.

Instructions are here:


Is that Android or Apple?

As mentioned above, Apple is reviewing the hotfix update


My performance has defo dropped since the update, but that’s probably due to the amount of people on the server, I like to keep these as my settings:
Render Quality: Medium
Rendering Res: High
Texture quality: high
A/C count: very high
This worked great on my device but the large number on the server at one time rn, it gives out like 5fps, so I like to turn down my a/c count to compensate for that, after all, I want my shiny 777, the Aircraft on which you and many devs worked hard, to look amazing! Thank you very much!

How long is that going to take?

I find the lag is getting better I think it’s was probably because the server was full.

Yep, turn down aircraft count in those cases. When the airport or area is busy, that’s what has the most effect on devices.

Project Metal should hopefully bring improvements to this :)


Will probably be a while, but when’s that coming?

Hard to say
I don’t work for Apple
Should be a few hrs or a full day tops

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