Hotfix update is out!

To clear some misunderstandings…

An app update (the one you get from the Play Store/ App Store) is not required to update textures on the B772 or 737. This can be done via a content update which simply downloads updated aircraft textures to your device when you load into a flight. @Hardlanding_Hussain, the team is aware of the issue you pointed out and the 3D artists are working to fix it via a content update.

In terms of having weird aircraft preview images (currently an issue on the Austrian B772), it’s something to do with CDN (content delivery network) caching I believe. Try to reinstall Infinite Flight to get it refreshed. If it doesn’t work, give the developers some time to fix it as they are busy fixing crashes (which we can all agree are more important than a livery preview).


Alright, thanks Maxim

We’re posting an official update on this soon. The Android hotfix is rolling out and iOS is just waiting on final approval from Apple.

This fixes a bunch of crashes and performance issues we found in the first few days of the 20.1 launch.

There are some fixes coming to the model of the 777, but these will be pushed once the artists have finished these (it won’t require a new update, the app will download the model changes when they’re out).


So my game was crashing when other players were around before I could start pushback, has that been fixed?

Thanks, Cam!

Once you receive the update, go test it out! Any issues, please make a #support topic so the issue can be looked into further


I will if so, thank you guys so much

Is it a must to have the hot fix update.

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It is recommended to update as it fixed crashing issues.


Adding on to @MrMrMan, you should always get the latest version if you’re flying online as it will have access to server improvements, that’s the best way to avoid any issues


Thank you so much really appreciate it 😁

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Thank you I also say it’s good to keep you’re game up to date thanks for all the effort youguys do and help appreciate it 😁


I updated the hot fix but when u enter the game it doesn’t say navigation updating.

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Why will it? There have been fixes to the performance and crashes, nothing regarding navigation

Shouldn’t it since it’s a upgrade 😊

The nav.database has not changed from 20.1, so no :)


Ohhh so the hot fix is just a update on playstore doesn’t have to show on the game when you open it,.

Yay! I will have to update it later after my flight is over! Awesome Job developers!

lmao the struggle is real

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Uh does anyone know if the hotfix fixes lag issues?

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