Hotfix regarding to the A350 crashes

Don’t know if this is the category to talk about this in so I do apologies if it isn’t.

Just asking a quick question do any of you know when the hotfix will come out regarding the A350 crashes? Because I’m starting school soon and I’ve been really excited to try this plane out, but as soon as the holidays started the game keeps crashing and the hotfix isn’t out yet…hope you can help me.

Happy New Year!

No, there is no ETR for this
It’s one of the top priorities at the moment though

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No, we don’t at this point I’m afraid.

Best course of action is to follow the steps given in the Support FAQ to minimize the risk of it happening.


Ahh ok thanks for the quick reply appreciate it!

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The devs have been spending time with their family/friends during the holidays. I’m sure it will come soon after the new year, let them have a break ;)

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Oh yes for sure, I’ve been waiting till they come back and they have so I’m just asking quickly :)