Hotfix not worked for me (ipad 8)

Hello everyone! Today I’m experiencing problems with the new Hot fix. When I fly into London’s Heathrow i connect to approach or centre. After approach hands me off to tower. I go to frequency menu then it starts to automatically clicking over again on the frequency but it doesn’t give me any options. Says it’s connected in the corner. But sometimes it does go into the frequency but when I click anything tower doesn’t hear me. Also the atc voices are STILL CUTTING OUT after a while. I use the iPad 8.


Please see linked reply below:

Unfortunately we have yet to reach the end of this issue, awaiting fix from Apple. Hopefully it won’t be long!

Thank you very much! (:

On the cutting out part - this is known and there is a workaround (as Schyllberg linked above). IF already contacted apple about their issue, only thing they could do now is stage protest in front of Tim Cook’s house until it’s fixed. As for the ATC menu not reacting to your taps - looks like you’re not alone, no way to fix it was discovered though workaround was found as of now though (Editing this as this sounded as if the devs said there is no way they can fix it, rephrased)

And this is something we’re suspecting being linked to the voices being all messy.

Great to know I’m not the only one (:

Hmmmm. yea that would make sense. Anyway thank you for all your help. I appreciate it!

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