Hotfix for 20.2

I just did a long haul on my iPad 5th Gen (iOS 14.2) with no problems. If you wonderful devs fixed something in regards to this - THANK YOU!!

The previous three I tried before the hotfix all crashed/froze.

Thank you all for the excellent work.
I have just subscribed again after some time and it seems to me so much has changed.
I just need to solve an issue with my subscription before I can start flying again.
And I am really eager.

What is the problem?

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I have already sent a message to support. I have just paid a new subscription to the wrong account. I wish they can help me in this matter. Thank you for asking.


Ohh this I lit 🔥 one question I have is when will there be 3D building and better scenery?

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3D buildings will be possible once Project Metal is complete. Better scenery is not a priority right now but I am sure the scenery will improve in the future.

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Hey Infinite Flight team. I am a huge fan of this simulator and have been using it for around 3-4 years now. Out of X-plane and any other mobile simulators. Yours is truly outstanding. Trumping anything else seen before. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced a fault. I was to log on to the app to start a flight when it had logged me out of infinite flight live. I had a year long subscription which is around £75. I have been paying this for 3 years and now it has stopped. I have tried multiple times log back in however my parents details or neither with google or Facebook therefor meaning that I cannot retrieve my account. Leaving me paying £75 for only 8 months. I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me on this matter.

Thanks you.

Hey Sam, try going to Get Pro -> I already have an account -> Revert to default account. If that doesn’t work, send an email to and we can look into it more. Cheers!


Please refrain from tagging people for unnecessary reasons. This comment is also off-topic.

Due to the fact that you have been told on numerous occasions to respect the community rules, I’m going to link them for you. Please read them and take them into consideration before your next post, this is getting out of hand.

THanks to you guys, for making it happened.

Theirs still the issue about the 777 cargo doors. Ive tried posting this issue up on here many times. But no one seems to approve my replys. Just open the front door on the 777-300 200lr and F and see the door support arm is broken

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