Hotfix for 20.2

Hey everyone!

Thank you for your patience last week as we launched 20.2! It was a substantial release for us in terms of technical changes, and we’re grateful for you bearing with us whilst we worked through fixing any issues.

We’re rolling out a hotfix for 20.2 today which fixes some more common crashes and bugs in last week’s update that people have reported.

Release Notes

• IMPROVED Replays and Flight Plans can be imported directly in-app from files. Previously, these had to be shared from another app, but they can now be selected directly from the Replay menu page or the Flight Plan screen.

• FIXED Weather bug where winds aloft would reset mid-flight

• FIXED Crashes and performance improvements for lots of smaller issues, including on connecting with the IFC, when checking your grade and more.

This will be released in stages today determined by the stores, so it might not be available on your device immediately. We highly recommend you download this hotfix as soon as it’s available to make sure you get the best experience with Infinite Flight.

Finally, we’d love it if you could share a review on the App Store and Google Play! These help us continue development and grow the Infinite Flight community.


Thanks Cam!!


Thank You Cam!!!


Thanks for the hotfix. Hopefully I can renew my pro sub soon.


Thank you Cameron and all Infinite Flight Staff!


Thank’s Cameron

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Thanks Cameron

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Thank you so much Cameron! Hope you have a great day ahead:)

Awesome, glad to hear! Thanks to the entire dev team!

Thank you @Cameron

Thank you Cam!

Very cool 🤙

Thanks Cameron ! Thanks all IF’s developers !

Thanks Cam and Devs!

Awesome Thanks Cam!

Thanks all the devs for this hotfix!

Thanks man. Looking forward to it.

Thanks a lot Cameron

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Thank you guys for the hard work