Hotfix doesn’t work

IOS 17.0.3
controller: DualShock 4

After updated to 23.3.1, I’ve always same problem about my controller. However I saw that work for same people. I would know if I did bad moves or if it’s a problem can’t be solved with me.

I don’t believe that Jay was referencing ATC controllers, but rather a controller to fly. It’s important that we read topics in their entirety before responding so we don’t confuse others.

@Jay237, may you include more information please? I understand that this is a follow-up post on another topic, but including what is not working and specifics on your issue will make solving them easier.


Just to clear something up, the hotfix worked for me and now my controller (DualSense PS5) is fully functional.

HOTFIX Game Controllers/Joysticks: • Fixed controller issues (yaw/left/right not working in some cases) • Improved the controller configuration window • Fixed triggers not being bindable to left/right rudder

That is my problem. It doesn’t work for me. But I did all updates same my phone. I do not know what to do. I am desperate

@TheBest Do u think it’s functional only for ps5’s controller ?

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Tbh, I really don’t know. If I can get a hold of a PS4 controller from one of my friends, I’ll check for you.

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Thanks you

@schyllberg I have a question. Is hotfix compatible only with recently controller (Dualsens ps5) or not ?

DualSense works fine from what I can tell. I just tried.

I need very specific examples to test on DualShock to understand what isn’t working for you. What buttons are you trying to assign to which function?

I heard triggers axes works for the throttle or rudder but isn’t for me and I’m in 23.3.1

Which buttons exactly?


Front of controller. Labeled A through K clockwise starting from the top left.

A )
Directional buttons
B )
SHARE button
C )
Touch pad/Touch pad button
Press the touch pad to use the touch pad button.
D )
E )
OPTIONS button
F )
triangle button/circle button/cross button/square button
G )
Right stick/R3 button
Press down on the stick to use it as the R3 button.
H )
PS button
I )
Stereo headset jack
J )
Extension port
K )
Left stick/L3 button
Press down on the stick to use it as the L3 button.


Top of controller. Labeled A through F starting from the top left.

A )
R1 button
B )
R2 button
C )
Light bar
The light bar on the touch pad does not glow on the CUH-ZCT1 series.
D )
L1 button
E )
L2 button
F )
USB port

Couple L2/R2

I could assign R2 and L2 to Yaw, ThrottleUpCommand & ThrottleDownCommand

If you can do it, that we’ll be great cause that not work for me

But you have them assigned there, no?
Right/LeftTriggerAxis is R2/L2

L1/R1 is Left/RightShoulder.

I have assign L2/R2 (triggers) for the throttle. Not R1/L1. But which is the right ?

But you’re saying it’s not working? I’m not following on what’s not working since your own screenshot shows R2/L2 to be assigned, which you said wasn’t working?

Just trying to understand here :)

Ow it’s my bad I’m sorry to waste your time I’ve inverse the trigger axes and that didn’t work. My apologies

And thanks for your help

No worries, just glad it got resolved :)

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