Hotfix 19.2: Connectivity problems

Context: I am only able to fly on the live server with cellular data for complicated reasons. I also use several companion apps to heighten the realism and enjoy the aviation experience even more.

After doing some testing and investigating, I’ve realized that it was on my first flight after installing the hotfix 19.2 update that I have started experiencing issues staying connected to the global server. The issue has escalated to the point where I am no longer able to load a flight on IF using cellular data, I am stuck on the loading screen.

Could the Hotfix be the reason why I am dealing with these issues now? Is it possible to revert to an older version of IF? Is the simple solution to just have a better wifi situation so I can just fly normally like everyone else?

Everything was working perfectly fine on a 4G connection before I installed the Hotfix 19.2 update.

Hi there :)

You already created a topic about that issue, didn’t you?

One topic should be enough.

But to answer your question: It’s not possible to use an older version, unless you got an old iOS backup where an older IF version is installed. Then you should be able to go back by reinstalling the old backup. That however can cause other problems with the other apps, the iOS version, … There is no option to regularly download an old IF version though, sorry.

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I did but it was a different story. I think since I know exactly what the issue is now, it warranted opening another topic. Sorry for the back and forth! Haha.

I don’t want to suggest the wrong thing here, but maybe, deleting and reinstalling IF can help or signing out and then back into your account… I think i’ve read somewhere that, those can apparently help connection issues i think, but do it at your own risk. And don’t hold me liable if something goes wrong, just throwing ideas out

I’ve tried reinstalling. I’ll try logging out and back in to see how that changes things. Thanks.

If that doesn’t work, hopefully @schyllberg can offer you some assistance as he is 100x smarter then me when it comes to the servers and phones and all the good stuff

@Charles_B - what country / area are you in, and which service provider are you using? We have indeed done some changes with 19.2 that could be affecting the Global Server, but we’d need some more details to look closer at it :)

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I live in Japan in the Kansai region and my service provider is NTT Docomo. I hope this info helps! If there’s anything more you need of course by all means :) let me know.

Quick question: Are you using any VPN of some sort? If you do, you should turn it off. Although since this started happening right after the update, it might become an issue.

I have similar issues on my iPad using WiFi. Planes are disappearing, acting weirdly, … Problems occur with and without the VPN since the Hotfix update, while nothing changed in the connection speed. But yes, turning off the VPN might be an option. Didn’t work for me sadly.

To me it seems like that the server now requires a faster internet connection in general, but I can’t be sure. I’m curious to see what Staff figures out.

I don’t use any VPN when I fly. Great question though.

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@schyllberg @Marc @Alphadog4646 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

Just a quick update, I tried a solo flight (since I had no other choice) with a wifi network connection, and access to the global server remains a problem. So I can’t connect to the global server at all now. I wonder why I’m the special one here with these issues.


Not the only one, my problem is not as extreme as yours but it’s due to connectivity too, I was in a flight 2 days ago and the global server disconnected, I had problems connecting back and my WiFi was fine, I finally managed to connect back to the global server but for some reason everyone had disappeared off my map, I could hear the ATC dialogue but no one was appearing on my map.

I feel like the hotfix update has brought a whole series of problems but we just gotta be patient. The staff will sort it out soon.

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It didn’t. The point of a hot fix is to fix them. Every new update pushed into Infinite Flight causes only some issues that impact all users occasionally. But some people have the regular problems such as this one. More information found in the Support FAQ.

This specific issue is not related to the hotfix itself. But we’re not sure if this is an actual issue on our side, or where this comes from. It’s a bit tricky.

When doing the solo flight, are you able to load the flight?

Is the terrain around you loading correctly?

If you fly far away from where you started, do you still have terrain loading correctly?


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This sounds like a different issue though. The Global server only manages scenery. All ATC comms and what you see on the map goes through what in the app is displayed as “Live server”.

Welp, I guess I gotta start a new post, but I’m pretty sure it was issues related with the global server, must be an issue only I have.

It technically can’t be :)

If you do encounter this in the future, do post a topic about it and grab screenshots as well.

Ok, I apologize, I’ll check the replay.

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