Hotel with a view - runway 06 at EGPH

I’m turning into one of you avgeeks, first birdwatching… now this. I’m doomed to a life of lists and anoraks!

I’m doing an overnight stay at the Holiday Inn at Edinburgh airport and room looks over the runway only a couple of hundred metres away. I’m delighted… my daughter is less impressed though, she has an early flight tomorrow morning and is trying to sleep.

Got a bit excited over the DHL Boeing 757 that left for East Midlands earlier on…


Hope you get some sleep! I stayed in a hotel at Gatwick and it was horrendous!

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Did you see any Belfast traffic?

A couple of Dublin flights, nothing from Belfast and nothing due in till tomorrow now.

Curfew is at 11pm so it should be ok. It’s certainly got a lot quieter over the last hour.

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Could you take a picture of the easyjet A320 from Rekjavik on final now for me? Don’t worry if you can’t. There’s no fuss.

It’s too dark I’m afraid, the room is facing on to the runway with trees obscuring the threshold so getting photos of anyone on final is going to be tricky! They’re touching down just in front of me which is pretty cool.

That’s fine. I suspected that’d be the case. It’s pretty dark down in Harrogate aswell, but i can just see the last of the sun’s haze.

What’s the largest aircraft you get up there? We get the occasional 767 at LBA and that’s about it for ‘heavies’.

British Airways 767 service. And Qatar 787 from Doha. Some nice views I guess :-)

Oh yeah! I forgot about BA’s 767 they send up there. LBA used to get a PIA A310 until the route ran into financial difficulty.

Maybe, not forcing you, to upload a pic of the runway? Or a Aircarft lined up on the runway???

Assuming you’re from the UK, you’ll know it’s pitch black right now. @Leodhasach will struggle with it but it can probably be done. Anyways, he said his flights early. For all we know we could be disturbing his sleep.

Totally forgot it was 9:57pm and outside looks like it’s 2:00am 😂😂

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Sunrise is going to be fun :)

A 767 landed about ten minutes ago, all quiet now. We don’t actually need to be away till 7:30am so I’ll try and get a few photos if it’s bright enough.

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There’s an airport like that at Dublin (used to be called Bewleys now called the Clayton, unfortunately the price doubled since it changed owners and names so I’ve had to stop going) the London City Travalodge is a great one for aircraft spotting as well.

By the way, did you see anything from Knock (NOC or EIKN)

I’ve stayed at hotel inn really close to JFK. There was planes coming in every minute

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