Hot night

Hot night in Califórnia FL350 and High speed!

I live in Los Angeles. It’s 106 degrees Fahrenheit


It’s extremely hot!

103 degrees Fahrenheit (39.4 Celsius) earlier today out here near KSNA. It’s like a frying pan out here.


63° where I am

Holy crap, it was like 45-50 at school today, now it’s warm out

Christ that is hot…

Even in the midst of the three heat waves, never hit 100 in NYC…

Celsius or Fahrenheit

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I have to live with 8 degrees Celsius here (46.4 degrees Fahrenheit)

Yep so do I lol

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32 degrees now, middle of summer.

Middle of Autumn/Fall, average 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit


then again, I live in new england so it’s normal lol

Pffft, 9c, you’re lucky, it’s 6 degrees up here in the proper North. ;-)

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Aye, a few…

Highland Park is finished. I’m sad now.

Fortunately I still have a Glenlivet, Dalwhinnie and an Aberlour. 😄🍷🍷🍷

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Sheesh!! That’s probably the low (if even) in our winters in Philadelphia USA