Hot fix updated

After i updated infinite flight i though that all the lag was going to stop but no😔i still cant play ones again not enjoyable and its not because my device cant run it well because all this is happening after the update is there something im doing wrong?


Keep in mind, after an update the servers are extremely full - this will dissipate after a while - I would turn airplane count down for a start and then see. Also depends on device, if it’s older you will have troubles that’s just the way it is, IF takes a lot to run

Lag is not an app issue, it’s a combination of server issues and device issues. When the servers are busy you will get a little bit of lag, as well as if you’re running settings that are too high for your device. Keep in mind that with 20.1 you may not be able to run the same settings as you could in 19.4.

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