Hot fix problem

I hope I’m not creating any unnecessary topic so i hear by apologize
I created this topic to attract all the complaining junkies in the community
I’m 100% sure that the infinite flight team is aware of all the issues that is showing itself after release of 20.1 that unable its users to have an enjoyable time with all the new features and updated aircrafts that 20.1 have brought to us. I think we should at least be thankful to the IF team for bring us such an awesome app and appreciate all the work,time,money spent to create this latest update, I know that u guys also spent alot of money for live subscription and waited a loooong time for this update and so did I but we can’t expect everything to be tip top perfect being that there is so many new features introduced, so with this unfortunate hiccup you can take the time out and head to solo and practice the different arrivals,approaches and departures and practice using the new VNAV feature and also practice flying the new updated 777 and 737 feel the aircraft out since its a little bit more challenging to fly than how they were in 19.4
So i encourage everyone to be a little bit more humble and patient for the developers to fix the issues so we can have an awesome time in the sim.


Don’t give a broken gift to a friend…

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As a consumer of the Infinite Flight Product, you have every right to be heard and to complain/inquire when something doesn’t work as intended!

This community forum is built on the foundation that Infinite Flight users can come here to address their issues directly and to communicate/socialize about the app with fellow Infinite Flight users and staff.

See this little timeline here:

  • The Infinite Flight Staff and Development Team worked day and night to prepare this mass update over a span of months
  • When the update had a bunch of app crashes and bugs in it, the team worked day and night to fix these bugs in a hotfix
  • The hotfix arrives and there’s still a few remaining bugs that hinder Infinite Flight Subscribers from using the app.

Trust me when I say that Infinite Flight will be working day and night once again until all of the widespread - major issues are squashed/removed from the app.

So while I 100% agree with you; I also disagree. Infinite Flight has evolved into something truly amazing but also know that it’s a business. When people are paying money - They expect the best product. Please see both ways on this issue.


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