Hot Fix for Constant Crashing in 23.3.1

Can Infinite Flight please consider sending out another hot fix? I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max running the latest iOS and of course the latest version of the sim. The only workaround I’ve been able to swear by is deleting any replay and clearing my cache after every flight. I just started TOD into an airport after a mere 3 hours and the app crashed. Over the last few days, it has been nearly impossible to do a flight because the app crashes before you can even taxi. In the last few days I actually managed a few landing but they were reneged and not counted because the app crashed right after I parked at the gate and clicked “end flight”. People may wonder if I’m running other apps in the background and the answer is no. I close all other apps and restart my phone before every flight, but now it seems that no matter what I do, the app decides to make a “static noise” and crash. I’m begging the staff here at IF to please create another fix. After almost a decade of playing this game I’ve come to the point where I want to just cancel my subscription and move on. The frustration has reached it peak. Please do what you can to clear up the bugs. For example; the pixelating cockpit was supposed to be fixed during the last update but it still happens and that’s the tip of the iceberg Tagging @DeerCrusher @schyllberg @Marc @tomthetank @AviatorDan @Balloonchaser for their situational awareness. I know you guys may not be the ones in control of this; you all have many different titles so I don’t know who can fix this, but you all have “pull” and can probably this happen. I was told crash reports were sent to the IF Team; are there any upticks in crashes? Please consider another hot fix because it’s almost impossible to do a flight anymore.



We have already made it clear that we will.