Hot Day = Go Fly

Hey y’all!!! Hope everyone’s staying safe during quarantine? Don’t really post my own threads much but today is an extremely hot day here and most people would decide to head to Joe Pool Lake. But I feel like I wouldn’t be an avgeek if I didn’t decide to fly instead 🤪 so here’s some pictures a blue sky and a cute little C150L

Wear your mask, drink water, and have a great day!


Nothing better than flying with the windows open. Sounds like you enjoyed the flight today! 😍


I love it!

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It was bumpy but the wind in my face at 3000ft felt amazing!


How hot was it temperature wise.

About 32C when I went up

Pretty hot, I have flown in about 100f weather before.

Isn’t there a limit to how hot it can be to fly?

There’s a lot of factors that play into that. Runway length is a huge thing. It takes longer to take off. Density altitude is also a big deal. Takeoff at 9000ft plus 30c weather probably won’t be a great idea. the weight of the plane and the power it has to do with it also makes a difference. It’s hard to say oh you can’t fly over 32c (example) when there are many other factors. For example here in LHC we have a small municipal airport but has like a 9000ft runway. Nothing larger than a small business jet will fly there but the runway is so long because it will get 120f consistently in the summer.

Also don’t trust Bright Side too much on aviation especially. There are a lot of incorrect facts about many things. But yes planes can’t fly in crazy heat

Feeling the same pain over here in Wisconsin, hit 102 degrees yesterday. 😭

If your in the north eastern US can confirm the heat, absolutely unbearable, looks like a good way to beat it. How much can you feel that heat in the performance of the aircraft? Not to mention like thermals and stuff, is it easier or harder? Or not that simple 😂


That’s all. It’s consistently about 120 lol

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That’s 8 degrees off of an all-time record in that spot! haha

Yep. One time is was 126 a few years ago. I gotta be honest and it wasn’t too bad

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@AlphaKilo I know this is the unpopular opinion but I really like the look of the old C150. They are one of my favorite planes. It also looks fun flying with the window open lol


It’s truly an amazing feeling but on days like today was I could barely get her to climb at up to 500fpm haha
But yeah I have a choice between renting the 150 and 172 but while the 172 has more kick in the engine the 150 is more forgiving and more fun

Yea. I feel like there’s no other plane like it. It’s really different compared to the 172. I wonder if it being a two seat aircraft is why I handles so different

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I was at Hoover dam last year and it was 118f in the parking garage.

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Really nice looking flight. I wish I could just rock up and fly like you

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You are a very lucky guy, that huge window that is living the dream. I was flying one time and it was scorching hot and to make matters worse I was in the PA28 with only a tiny hole for a window. I had to both fly the plane and try to maintain a good focus with temperatures high.

Happy Flying :)