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I has come to my attention something I had already known about but wasn’t sure if it was taking effect in IF for those of you who don’t know what im talking about let me explain.

A plane taking off in a high airport at hot temperatures on a humid day will take longer to rotate than a plane on a low airport at low temperatures with dry air. This has a lot to do with air pressure and it’s density regarding how it acts upon the airfoil causing these effects. I like to remember it by this little quote I jockingly made “Hot and High, ain’t gonna fly! Cold and Low, GO GO GO!” So I was wondering, does IF take these into effects meaning that if I were to recreate the scenarios in IF they would give out the same effect as they do in real life? If this is not the case, is there a possibility of this being added, would it be difficult?

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No I don’t believe temperatures affect the performance of the aircraft in any way at this time.

If anyone knows better than please do let us know, I am also interested in knowing this.

I think it does, if you go to solo and play around with tempature settings it might, not entirely sure.


I thought it was true. I remember last year Vegas or Phoenix was having a heat wave and they had to cancel flights because it was literally too hot to take off.

At least in real life… “As the ambient temperature at a particular airport increases, in this case into the 120s at Phoenix, the amount of lift and power in aircraft engines declines, and the result is that for any given runway length, you can carry less and less payload,”


Now that is something for you people to try out on solo. Remember all science fair rules. Document! Do a baseline measurement and then three separate trials. Make a chart showing your results. Show your math.


I will try to do what Chris_S mentioned with an C-172 and multiple airports and temperatures. It does seem like an interesting experiment and I will try and see what I can find.

Yea IF has the same effects. Go to solo, and play with the temp at different airfields. You will notice significant performance changes.


I can vouch for that. I live in Arizona and last summer was one for recorded books. 120+ degree days. A tad bit to hot for an airplane. ☀️

In IF, the outside temperature does affect the speed of the aircraft.

Spawn in on solo (anywhere) and set the OT to 5’C. Takeoff and enable autopilot. Then change the OT to 27’C. You will see the IAS (Indicated AirSpeed) change drastically

Guess most of the guys who fly airlines and stuff don’t have to run performance numbers anymore? It should definitely effect the C130. air it’s to hot we are TIT limited, to cold torque limited. All effects our takeoff speed

i laughed so hard when he said

I believe that’s hould be done everywhere. My point being that I was inquiring wether those effects were present in IF.

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They do. I was tinkering with the temperature last year on the 787-9 and one could see the diff (Haven’t noticed it in normal use as I keep temperature between 15-35 Celsius). I got an overspeed warning at less than 250 knots at cruising altitude!

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