Hot air balloon crashes in Texas


Crazy. Wonder what happened. 16 people on a balloon. Wow.


For some reason you guys are just like the news. My brother told me there was a crash today, while we were going to a balloon event but in NJ, and I thought umm guys lets go back home then, but he told me it was in Texas lol.


From what I know he started to catch fire then crashes

Why are 16 people in a Hot Air Balloon in the first place. My guess, there must have been a lot of Alcohol involved.

I did. An NTSB investigator said that they are checking if power lines were involved, among other things.

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So, any new information? (Considering it was just opened)

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Final NTSB Report on this Fatal Incident:

New Briefing:

Final Report:

Please see the Final Report for more information regarding the incident

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