Hoss - ATC tracking thread [CLOSED]

Hi everyone
Im Chris im starting up my ATC tracking thread again. I have passed my IFATC theory test and i have failed one of my IFATC practical test. So im opening up this thread to be able to get the hang of controlling again. Im controlling at various airports usually the ones from the IFATC schedule. I have 2000+ AT operations and have a strong understanding of what is expected of and IFATC controller. Would be great if you can join when im open.


Thank you

Kindly: Chris.H Happy Flying


Hi guys im controlling at KORD TS1 for ATC practice please come down and do some patterns ill be closing at 06:55 Zulu time

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Hey Chris!

Glad to see you are pushing for IFATC! I would suggest you use the proper format for your thread to gain more traction and support!

Here is my old thread you can use as a template:

Good luck!


Good luck Chris. Hope to see you soon as part of IFATC team :)

Thanks need practice so i can redo my practical test i failed the first time


My feedback is via slack👍

Open at KMDW doing some more controlling ill be here for a few hours expected time to close will be 1300z If you can make it that would be great Thanks

Ok. So all is fine. I did say the wrong thing when i made my base turn to land. But i corrected myself. I also stopped at a further back hold short line cause I didnt know the others where up there. That close to the runway. All other stuff is fine. And my phone died right as I landed so sorry about that.

Why did you say that your inbound for landing twice when i already cleared for the option

Open at YPPH come do some patterns

1 thing is I said on the visual. Which isnt right as far as my instructor said. And when we landed at klgb aer doing patterns he said he was inbound to land.

Currently open at KEWR come down and do some patterns. ill be closing at 2100z

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I’ll be there in a sec
call sign baw21

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now your callsign is HELPYOU

yeah I changed it because I couldn’t do patterns in an A321 it takes too long

Open at YPAD now

Best to give a warning before you sign off. I was taxiing across the airport, I wouldn’t have bothered if I knew you were moving.

Yh sorry about that

Closing at 2200z

Great job! You were spot on with sequences, pattern entry, transitions and clearances. Watch for the exit runway command. Once I am off the runway you could have just said contact ground.