Horus Returns | 21MAY24 | 1730Z | EAVG |


Summary: Egypt Air Virtual Group is excited to announce the “HORUS RETURNS” a special event that marks the soaring spirit of Egypt Air Virtual Group
Event Features: 🌏
Historic Route: Fly over the Mediterranean, following HORUS’s mythical trail.
Cultural Exchange: Learn about the rich histories of Athens and Cairo.
Reserve Your Flight! to secure your place in this epic virtual odyssey.
Prepare for takeoff and join us celebrating the enduring legacy of HORUS with Egypt Air Virtual Group. We look forward to flying with you!.

Server: EXPERT

Airport: From Athens [LGAV] To Cairo International [HECA]


Boeing 737-800 Egypt Air* livery

Time: 1730z-1900z



  • Please follow the instructions of event leader. (to be assigned)
  • Please be respectful and helpful towards other community members.
  • Please follow ATC instructions.
  • Please avoid indulging in any kind of act that may be deemed as violations of the rules laid down by Infinite Flight, Infinite Flight Community and the IFVARB.
  • And Enjoy your flight

*Egypt Air Virtual Group is not related to Real EGYPT AIR and Infinite flight

[Egypt Air Virtual Group]

Hey. Do you mind if i could planespot at this event? I could make a recap of it if that’s ok

That’ll be awesome. We will really appreciate it. Don’t forget to share the highlights with us 😉.

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I’ll tag you guys in the recap forum. Don’t worry 😉

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See you there at Athens LGAV


15 hours to departure

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See you there!


I’m going to be there, or at least I’ll do ATC service.

It will be awesome to have you.

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Can I join?

Definitely bro. This event it open for all and everyone is welcomed

Everyone select runway 05L at Cairo for landing and park at terminal 1 so we could get some cool after landing pictures


I’ll be there to spot! Make good landings yall

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Copy My fpl. It’ll be great as it’s scheduled for 5L

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Are you guys Departing 03r?

Alright. I’m in spotting position

I feel bad for the atc on duty

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I’m planespotting rn and it’s hard to keep up with everyone

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Anything for the views right?

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