Horsing around enroute to Belize City

I decided to join @75juke on his flight tonight from Atlanta to Belize City, and we got into some shenanigans while en route to pass the time. Said shenanigans were performed outside of occupied airspace, and shenanigans were agreed to by both parties involved.

Server: Training
Time: 2hr 15min

seems like engine 1 had a hankering for something other than Jet-A.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you the newest airplane straight from Everett, the Boeing 77737-308ER. Featuring two GE-90 engines and two CFM56 engines, this plane can get you to your destination that much quicker with greater fuel efficiency, and greater range, allowing for a whole new plethora of routes.

Additionally, we will also be offering an option to have the engines attached to the rear of the plane instead of under the wing. This will allow for greater seating capacity, allowing airlines to fly even more passengers in one flight.

With the shenanigans long completed and professionalism restored, buttering the landing in Belize City’s Runway 25.

@75juke setting it down rather hard on Runway 25 at Belize City.


Air-to-air fusion lmao

Classic streamer moment 🗿

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Omg it’s a B73777 😧

Yep that’s me

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get in my engine 🍴

how dare you