Horses or Airplanes?

Let me ask you somesomething.

I just auto renewed my monthly subscription and I’m trying to get my kids interested in IF so we can play together. They live with their mom 2 states away in NC. Best I could do was get a friend signed up lol.

They’re not interested. 3 of them, 2 girls and a boy. The girls keep asking for money to buy horses or what not but lately not much extra cash.

Am I a bad dad to spend my money on this and ask them why they want to buy a virtual animal to digitally take care of?

You can let this topic die lol, but do any adults here successful at getting their kids to play too?


Its hard to see your dad unhappy if my dad wants to do something with me I say most of the time yes! Im still a child and maybe you must just take your boy with you for some spotting most child think “WHOOO LOOK AT THAT BIG ONE” maybe if he likes that let him look at IF!😀


I’ve got to post it to YouTube sometime but when my son comes down to GA in the summer we go to Dobbins ARB (KMGE) and there’s a Wal-Mart right under the final approach we have videos of all kinds showing USAF and Navy aircraft where you can read the tail numbers lol. A Lockheed Martin plant is also here so you see green tails on test flights, mainly 130Js, a F22s now and again and occasional F35s and 16s.

Sometimes we see E-8s which are old C-135Es with the old engines or C-5Bs coming in, OMG what a high pitch loud screen! At least the re-engined C-5Ms are much quieter

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Bribe them. Always works.


Never knew you had experience in parenting…


Ewan’s secret life exposed 😂

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Honestly unless they are interested in aviation I don’t think they find it cool at all.

Might want to fix the XD

Great topic on a side note hehe

Ewan’s five anyway, so he has a lot of experience with small children. @Levet, didn’t you say you gout your children to play IF?

The oldest will assist occasionally but she gets bored (she’s more of a Roblox girl) and the middle child destroys everything he touches so they’re a bit young for IF in my opinion.


Doesn’t sound like a good match for live mode 👀

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