Horrible landings YOU made

Hello it’s ah me zach
hey guys just wondering
what was your horrible landing you made in infinite flight
now i’m not saying this is a contest
i just want to know on which was the badest landing you ever made
because mine!
bruh the 737
I BUTTER a bit too



My worst landing was a crash 😕


My worst landing was made around an hour ago at PHNL on TS. 470 FPM. 😬


My APPR failed and vested to the right. I managed to recover but the landing was horrible.

All my landings when I don’t butter. I can’t count my bad landings.

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When I didn’t know how to land in crosswinds (20kt winds), and I was flying the A380 (the flying box).

I’ve always got excessively hard landings on that thing (600+fpm) and the moment I touched down I swerved to the left a lot…

IFATC services and a bunch of planes were there too…

Side note: shouldn’t this go in #live?

Someone of the proper TL can decide that:)
Also my worst landing that i thought was good was when i first started playing 😂 Took the MD-11 went to EDDL and just slammed the jet bounced, did it again, landed and tokyo drifted on to the grass


When the weather freezes at like 70kt crosswinds 🤣

It was not pretty but somehow I only was only partly off the runway when I landed.

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how the hell did you do that

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Horrible landings I made? Any landings with the 717…because it’s the 717 lol

Flew it today twice in IF and both landings I slammed the ground


I don’t think I have an answer for that 😂

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I would say my first ever crosswind landing was the worst I’ve ever made. Essentially sliding off the runway.

However, I try to grease every landing that I do, not butter.

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OH also crosswind landings I’m pretty bad at. Flew Dubai-New York with an Emirates A380 a few months ago. Horrible takeoff, then when I get to New York I did a crosswind landing and did a Tokyo Drift off the runway and came to a stop next to runway 22L after spinning a couple times. On expert. Got embarrassed from that one


I once tried to land an A318 with flaps up (by accident, I literally forgot to set the flaps.) I was flying the approach manually, and to keep my VS controlled I had to pitch up really high–so high that I could not see the runway–and on short final I could see nothing but the sky and some mountains so I gave up trying to land nicely, and let go of the stick. Surprisingly, I didn’t crash, but I did hit the runway at -1100 ft/sec, and only realized I forgot to use the flaps then…

I once attended an IFGAC event at KOSH when the XCub first came out. My very first landing with it, and the plane flipped forward and I landed with the top of my wings on the runway. It didn’t register a crash :p

My Worst Landing is in a a318 that was my first time flying that plane. And i touch down 6 times in one attempt… hahaha :) bounce bounce bounce bounce

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My worst landing was a crash

Yea I’ve definitely bounced a few times hahaha

And welcome to the community! Glad you’re here :)

I landed at -1700 fpm once.

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