Horrible lag and IF is crashing

Hello. I have an IPad mini 4 running at ludicrous settings. I know, that’s a lot and it’s probably why it’s crashing. However, even when I put the graphics on the lowest setting, it still has issues. I have noticed that the problem is when a lot of other planes are shown on screen. Whenever there are other planes, the camera lags a lot. I flew from Paris to Los Angeles and had plans of returning back to Paris but my game crashed at the gate in Los Angeles less than 5 mins ago. This has been happening for a while but I have now realize that it could become a serious problem. I have tried lowering the graphics and reducing airplane count but nothing is working. Any suggestions?


When you say you’ve lowered the graphics settings, have you restarted the session in between or have you done that while in flight?


Maybe try clearing the scenery cache?

Also are you using any add-ons like In-Flight Assist?

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Do it between sessions. Some settings doesn’t take any effect until the session is restarted.


So what exactly should I do in between sessions? Just like change the settings?

Yes. Lower the graphics. As you mention yourself - running Infinite Flight with the highest possible settings on an iPad Mini 4 is ironically as the setting, ludicrous.