Hornets go brrrrt

Tuesday was spotting day @ Payerne Air Base. The main base of Switzerland Air force this time of the year.

It is home of the 17th Falcons and 18th Panthers, and crew were training yesterday on strafing above the lake nearby. My friends and I don’t own any 150-600mm with 2x teleconverters to get pictures of these fast jets maneuvering and shooting around so we kept it to airport ops.

It was my second time there since my first visit in 2018.

Enough said, here enjoy the almighty 🐝🐝🐝

Trend setter, first arrival of the day!

Unfortunately we missed the first wave, thanks to me being a bad navigator in the car and leading to a wrong exit…

Airborne Singleton on Afterburners

Behold “the most photographed church of Switzerland”

quote from a spotter and he may be right


Notice how only one side produces a vortex? That’s right, one AIM 9 is attached for training purposes (mostly BFM/ACM)

Three in One

Vampire of the Clin D’Ailes museum photo bombing this two ship departure


I hope you enjoyed this. I just started editing with Lightroom mobile app and I’m looking forward to a transition from Darktable in the future.

Needless to say this day was amazing! Let me know if you want to see props and rotors as we’ve seen plenty of them :D


The hornets do be going brrrrrttttt

Awesome photos!


dang, those are some nice photos! 😍


Those are some cool photos!


These are some amazing photos! I hope we can see more from you in he future!


Any idea why its marked up like this?


@Vortex I think you’ll like this 😏


Awesome photos👍

Short answer : it reminds intercepted pilotes to tune 121.5

Our air force is currently used for its air policing role. This marking reads Standby frequency 121.500 also known as the guard frequency. It is expected to be active as com 2 when able.
When an aircraft doesn’t squack 7600 and cannot be contacted by nearby ATC or pilots, a F/A-18C/D is scrambled to come to its help. This belly tanks is probably the quickest way to communicate the need to enter in radio contact, far better than sign language!

This is really simplified but that’s the spirit.


These are some amazing pictures! 😍😍

The last time I went to Payerne Air Base was in 2014 for the 100 years Swiss Air Force. I definitely need to go back there one time.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Swiss government will replace the F/A-18’s with.

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Possibly Boeing’s revamp of the F-15

No, At the moment the current aircraft that are to choose from are:

  • Eurofighter
  • Rafale
  • F/A-18 Super Hornet
  • F-35

All aircraft were here for evaluation testing in 2019. The Gripen E was also in the running, but was rejected by the Swiss Government before the evaluation flights could begin.


Why was that? lol

The Gripen’s development plan didn’t match the Swiss test plan. As a result the they decided not to participate in the tests in Payerne. This resulted in the Gripen being eliminated from the selection. Things might change. I mean the vote for the renewal of our air force fighters only won by 50.1%. So any thing can change here.


These are great photos! Well done and hope to see more


@JarrettFlies & @Cpt_Steph

Happy you enjoyed these, I’ll come later this week with the rest of the fleet :^)


Amazing photos! I would love to visit Switzerland one day. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time.

Have you been to the Merrigan air force base or Buochs airport?


Nice pictures, hornet vibes for sure.

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Not yet unfortunately

I’ve heard they only have a 30cm high fence, I bet this makes a lot of angles possible. Not talking about spotting from the surrounding mountains 🤤


30 centimeters… so like a foot? 😂

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