Horizon line cutting out

I’m having a strange issue where on a night flight with no moon, there is an orange strip around the horizon and below it is a black strip that makes the horizon change and cut out and move up and down as I pan the screen. I tried restarting, clearing the cache, and putting my graphics on high but it still happens. Is this known?


Could you show us a picture of the issue?

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A picture it would look normal I have a video but it wouldn’t let me upload it since you would have to be watching someone move the screen around.

I might know what is up, today is a new moon, that is we’re there is no moon, and this might be it, and the orange thing, is just there for the scenery (it is there in real life)

Or like on land that’s close to horizon it will look normal with a still screen but when I move it the distant land will flash black for a second

And IF simulates moons and stuff like that

If this a bothering you, then you should PM a developer, or somebody like that @Boeing797

Does it look like the image below?

Image source

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Yes, but the image you just see the orange strip not the horizon changing issue.

The horizon issue is normal when the screen is still but when I move the screen some of the land closest to the horizon will cut out for a second like if a move the screen the top of a mountain will cut out for a second

So it looks like there’s an edge of the world right at the end of the horizon right?

Sorry flat Earth followers


I was able to draw a picture since I couldn’t upload a video. It’s sort of like a small band of terrain will cut out. In the picture the blue is the actual horizon, the green is the terrain that always stays visible, the black is the “band” around that cuts out for a second.

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Right so it looks like the earth is like flat and has an end at the horizon right?

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Yes except the black in the picture is normally visible land but when I move the screen that area flickers black.

Ok usually when you experience it like that it has to do with the actual time you have selected making the horizon look like it’s the edge of the world also why you were experiencing the orange sky since they both happen around the same time. The orange sky issue from the last I heard is known but hasn’t been fixed. If you change the time it should go away.

It goes away when I change the time but I have it set on current time, but it didn’t used to flicker when I moved the screen.

Hmmm flicker? Can you elaborate on that a bit more as to what flickering your are seeing?

Similar to how on some of the older planes when you zoom out they have flickering graphics like on the edges of the wings, when I move the screen the tops of the mountains will flicker.

Sometimes clearing the scenery cache does not fix scenery issues. In they rare cases you might have to uninstall and reinstall Infinite Flight. If all else fails you might have to try that. Do note if you do that you will lose all your replay files

Ok I understand. Have you tried playing with the graphics settings?