Horizon Air Dash 8-Q400 Heritage livery

Photo Credit to Jet City Shutter Geek

Recently Horizon Air introduced a Retro livery, the Heritage livery I think this look great in game, it’s classic look and we need more retro/classic looks in my opinion.

That’s a stunning dash. You have my vote.


It is, I really like it. Hope to see it on IF one day.

Just imagine the approach into Mammoth Yosemite with it. Absolutely gorgeous.

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I like this one. 👍🏼I know Horizon was big on the sports liveries. Always fun to see unique liveries that give aviation a neat twist.


Or Portland with Mt Hood in the background!

For sure, always nice see them doing a chance of pace, you should vote for this one

Come one you know you want to

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Oooh! That is nice! Gets my vote!

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That looks really nice


Thanks! I really like it

I can’t stop staring at this plane! I wish I had more votes so I could give it one

This needs a bump! I just ordered a model of this.

This is stunning you have my vote