Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 2016 Livery

The original is closed: Alaska/Horizon air Q400 2017 livery

Source: https://worldairlinenews.com/category/alaska-horizon/

Plane Information:
Number in Fleet: 41
Crew: 2 Pilots, 2 Flight Attendants
Range: 1,114 nm
Length: 107 ft, 9 in (32.9 m)
Typical Cruise Speed: 414 mph (667 km/h)
Wingspan: 93 ft, 3 in (28.4 m)
Max Cruising Altitude: 25,000 ft (7,620 m)

Not many people requested for this livery. I think it would be amazing to see this livery in Infinite Flight. I know this is kind of a bad time to request a livery of a Dash 8 especially Horizon Air at this moment. but I hope I don’t accidentally offend anyone from it.

Oh, I love that new livery, unfortunately I got no votes, but fingers crossed… 🤞🏻


Agreed the new livery is one of the nicest I’ve seen plus I’m always flying the Alaska A320 because of its amazing livery would love this


I don’t have any votes now but I bookmarked this topic to remind me that when I do have a spare vote, I’ll vote for this. Such a beautiful livery! This is a must-have!

Pretty sure one was just stolen nearby me last night and two F-15 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept.

Yes, the link to the thread of the incident is in the post.

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Such a weird time for this request!

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I know, thats why I apologized in the post.


what scares me the most is the ATC where he said that he knew how to fly one because of the “video games” he played, I would vote for it but in light of that incident I’m going to withhold

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Guys this has nothing to do with last nights incident, Ik it was not good for anyone but please discuss in the thread linked above and below


Nice this would be a good addition to IF flying above the mountains

I would love this to be added. This livery looks great, and the Dash 8 wears it well.

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Yeah, we shouldn’t go off-topic anymore .;-)

This livery is needed badly! I would love to fly the Dash 8 in this livery. It looks so good… the blue, green and grey. Yes!

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Totally agree. While the incident was bad, that is no reason to not vote for a cool livery.

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Oh, this livery looks amazing. I must see this…

This would be so awesome! You have my vote!

The livery we have now is a bit outdated.

Don’t forget to vote, guys!

you got my vote

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Love that livery looks amazing!

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