Hops and Props at Boeing!

What a fantastic evening! Every year Boeing has an event called Hops and Props it’s three hours of sampling beer and enjoying good food!
Here’s some from the museum!

(An American Airlines 737 MAX pilot attempting to land the shuttle we all failed 😂)


Looks fun! The Museum is a great place for stuff like that!

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This is their biggest money maker of the year, it was super funny almost everyone I met was not a pilot or knew anything about aviation

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Looked fun. At first, in the 4th picture, I thought N626BL was a Starship. Had to google the tail number to see what it was. Interestingly enough it has a similar appearance to a Starship.

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Underage gang where y’all at


Right here.

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It’s a Lear something! The 737MAX pilot explained it pretty well I don’t remember it but it’s a neat machine!


Why does that remind me of this… Lol


Anyways great pictures! Looked like an awesome time there👌 Also did you try landing in that space shuttle simulator?

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I sure did! We all failed lol
It was fun our friend; the MAX pilot gave us a detailed tour of the 737-100 that’s there and it was getting hot, so his wife goes “Jon they shut the APU off let’s leave!” 😂

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Alright here’s the mandatory group selfie in the 737, with a 737 MAX pilot!

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