Hopping Time- A Series (Annoucement)

Alright guys… I’ve wanted to annouce/state some sort of thing regarding events.

Today, Seattle Tacoma’s Trashin’ Tacoma event was a massive success. I can’t even count how many aircraft even flew out of the airport. Heck, there were 95% more departures than people who even arrived. This made me realize a few things.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to start CD’ing ATC events around various regions of Infinite Flight, due to popular demand. I’ve had people come to me and tell me how well they enjoyed those events and changes of scenery from SoCal, which makes me happy.

Until I’m able to pass my ATC exams, all this will have to occur on the Playground Server, sadly.

I’m coming up with a few things to do in terms of events, as well as some pretty catchy names here and there. In regards to that, I’m also visualizing some other airports that aircraft could fly out of in regards to an event. Should be interesting!


Some events I have planned for the future include (but not limited to…):

Hoppin’ Hawaii

Trashin’ Tacoma

Chillin’ Chicago

Livin’ London

'Ornery Oskosh

Chasin’ Charlotte

Amusin’ Amsterdam

Seein’ Sydney

Doin’ Denver

Savorin’ Singapore

Noticin’ New York


Due to the kind of time I have, I’ll be doing those sort of events nearly daily, or once every two days or so. Each event session will span two to three hours, allowing people to do whatever the heck they want. (Follow instructions, though! No rule-breakers! ^-^)

Keep an eye out on the site daily!



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Those are great!! I’ll add 'em in. Geez… I knew that I was missing a few…

Bleh, my mind at 11 o’clock at night after a few rounds of brownies is not the best. :P

I’d love an Approachin’ Aspen at some point…

I’ll be sure to attend as many as I can :P

@lollip I’ll try and do one once I get my hands on the Denver region. No worries!

Come on, I live inside the New York region. How about a suggestion for one of these event names? Think, uh, Noticing New York?

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@C_Baccari Er, thank you for the heads-up. I’ll add that in presently… Hopefully, I can nab up New York sometime soon! I’ve been getting anxious to control JFK sometime!