Hopping the Coral Sea with Qantas Virtual Group @ YBCS 091000ZMAY20

Join us we hop the Coral Sea and fly from Cairns to Port Moresby.

Located in Far North Queensland, Cairns connects the world to the Great Barrier Reef and is home to amazing views and even better beaches! Today we will be flying one of Qantas’ shortest international flights in the Dash 8 Q-400 from Cairns to Port Moresby with a flight time of just under 1.5 hours! This flight has stunning scenery, flying over the coast of Australia before crossing the Coral Sea and flying over the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

Departure Airport: Cairns (YBCS)

Arrival Airport: Port Moresby (AYPY)

Server: Expert

Aircraft: QantasLink Dash 8

Departure Time: Saturday, May 9, 2020 5:00 AM

Flight Time: 1hr 30m (approx.)

Flightplan: YBCS CS 1609S/14553E ZANEY PUPEB KAPSO 1129S/14649E LENAK 918S/14709E AYPY


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Gate Pilot
International Stand 1 @TimR
International Stand 2 @Cpt_Zorndy
International Stand 3 @Maxmustang
International Stand 4 @Fish
International Stand 5 @FiniteFlying
International Stand 6 @CrazyMinecart12
International Stand 7 @sam2875
International Stand 8
International Stand 9
International Stand 10
Domestic Stand 11 QVG Reserved
Domestic Stand 12 QVG Reserved
Domestic Stand 13 QVG Reserved
Domestic Stand 14 QVG Reserved
Domestic Stand 15 QVG Reserved
Domestic Stand 16 QVG Reserved
Domestic Stand 17
Domestic Stand 18
Domestic Gate 19
Domestic Gate 20
Domestic Gate 21
Domestic Gate 22
Domestic Stand 23

More gates available if needed


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I might come along. Sign me up!

You have International Stand 2.
See you there, mate!

MaxSez: The “Coral Sea”. Lost in history to most North Americans,
this fetted killing ground saw Down Under on the cusp of invasion and occupation in the last century. While the boy where away in Europe great air, sea & land battles for survival on the steaming island of this remote corner of the world saved a continent. I’ve flown this region often. I’ll see you over Mosby 12 O’clock High as a Lame Duck in a Spit if able.
Regards Mates, Max Sends


Thanks Max! The battles fought in this area will be remembered by Australians for centuries to come.
You have International Stand 3.

Our apologies, there was a typo in the event time and should now be updated to be at 0500Z.
@Maxmustang @Cpt_Zorndy Can you still attend at this time?

Yup I can :)

I’m in for this

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I’ll be there! sign me up.

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@Fish you have International Stand 4.

@FiniteFlying you have International Stand 5.

@CrazyMinecart12 you have International Stand 6.

See all of you there!

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Could I have a gate? I’m looking forward to it!

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You’ve got International Stand 7.

See you there!


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