Hopping airports with the TBM-930 (KLAX->CYXU)

Decided to enjoy my sunday into monday time off with some airport hopping, took the TBM-930 across the states into canada with 6 legs to the trip at maximum weight. Hence the “Heavy” just to feel kool. So enjoy!

Server: Expert
Aircraft Type: TBM-930
Livery: Navy Blue
Total Flight Time: 6 hours 32 minutes
Total Flight Distance: 1814nm
Callsign: Moose 1 Heavy
Cruise Altitude: FL180<>FL200

Flight plan screenshot:

1st hop: Departed RWY 25L at KLAX and arrived at KSAN RWY 27
Photo: Cruising on the way to San Diego

2nd hop: Departed RWY 27 at KSAN and arrived at KPHX RWY 25R
Photo: Turning towards the approach for Phoenix Sky Harbor

3rd hop: Departed RWY 25R at KPHX and arrived at KPUB RWY 8R
Photo: Departing Pueblo Memorial

4th hop: Departed RWY 8R at KPUB and arrived at KOMA RWY 36
Photo: On the approach for Epply Airfield

5th hop: Departed RWY 36 at KOMA and arrived at KORD RWY 9R
Photo: Very, Very, Very Long Final For Chicago O’hare

6th hop: Departed RWY 9R at KORD and arrived at CYXU RWY 33
Photo: Touchdown at London International. Home sweet home.


The aircraft look like Dudty crop Hopper (Planes) movie😅, lovely picture you take bro


This sounds very awsome. It’s nice to see the TBM getting some love, it really is a great aircraft.


Oh absolutely! Its performance is great.

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I’ll have to do that with you soon!

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you should see what it’s like in real life, they’ll sometimes have approach lines stretch over all of lake michigan if they’re flowing west

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I saw you and was wondering what you were doing

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Absolutely! I’ll let you know. I would like to do something like this again.

Oh yeah, i mean its boring once you are lined up but than you just take in the views!

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With me ya never know haha.

Nice! Is it just me, or is the TBM-930 hard to land smoothly?
Great work!

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Flare can be a pain. I aim for a nice low/idle throttle at 3-5 degrees seems to work out nicely 80 percent of the time.

Thanks! That’s really helpful!

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