Hoppin around Vietnam

Took a quick little hop this morning from in Vietnam in the Egypt Air Force C-130H. Loaded in at 138% payload it was a real you know what to get off the ground.🤣

Finish: VLLN


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I apologize yes I’m new, what exactly did I miss so I can correct it?


Add a little more info about your flight. Route, plane, etc.

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If you have any questions any at all, pm me, i don’t bite:) i am always happy to help newcomers with some of their screenshots or give them advice for better screenshots:) whatever it may be i am more then happy to help🙂

@RotorGuy and I would sure love to do this…but only when IF bring helicopters to the game…and of course, it would be in a UH-1 (The Huey)

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Maybe in the future we will see a Huey, there’s a 214ST request which is a huge MUST